The Different Types of Graduation Robes Explained

When you graduate from a college or university, there are many different types of degrees you can get. Associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees are represented at graduation with slightly different variations to the gowns, caps and hoods, depending on tradition. At Acadima, our team has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to graduation apparel for all types of degrees. Here are the different types of degrees and their corresponding graduation apparel: • Associate Degree – When receiving an associate’s degree, you may wear a black or gray gowns. You may or may not wear the standard mortarboard cap with hanging tassel. Some schools allow students to wear a hood or stole that symbolize an achievement you made or a group you joined at the school. • Bachelor Degree – The traditional bachelor degree gown is black with pointed sleeves. It also features a standard mortarboard cap with tassel. The tassel can be standard black or another color that is based on your school’s colors or area of study. A stole or sash can also be worn. This unique accent piece reflects the subject you earned your degree in, a group you were part of, or function as a symbol of your school. • Master Degree – This type of gown typically features oblong sleeves that arch at the wrist, followed by a square cut towards the bottom. Masters students can wear this gown open or closed at the front. In addition, you will wear the standard cap with tassel. Your tassel could be black or based on your school’s colors. It is often geared towards symbolizing your area of study. Stoles and sashes are also more common with this type of gown, and symbolize either your school or area of study. • Doctoral Degree – Since a doctoral degree is the highest degree you can earn, it is no surprise the dress is the richest of all the gowns. This type of gown features sleeve chevrons and velvet panels. Some educational institutions may designate a specific variation of color in the velvet trim based on your degree or specialty. Your school will also choose whether you wear a soft tam or standard mortarboard cap. Stoles and sashes are also very common with this type of gown. They typically symbolize the school’s colors or your area of study. Regardless of what degree you earn, let the experts at Acadima provide you with the highest-quality graduation apparel. We offer a range of gowns, caps, tassels and stoles in a variety of colors, each crafted with the finest fabrics and available at low prices.
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