Collection: Graduation Stoles - Many Styles & Colors Available

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  • Plain Stoles

    Graduation Plain Stoles Bold and beautiful are words that describe our stoles.... 

    17 colors

    Plain Stoles

  • Class of 2024

    Class of 2024 Graduation Stoles & Sashes: Celebrating Milestones, Embracing Achievements As... 

    17 colors

    Class of 2024

  • First Generation

    "Breaking Barriers: Celebrating First-Generation Graduation Stoles" First Generation Graduation Stoles are special... 

    many designs available

    First Generation

  • Military & Veteran

    Military Stoles - United States Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy... 

    many designs available

    Military & Veteran

  • Kente

    "Vibrant Cultural Triumph: African Cloth Kente Graduation Stoles" Introducing our exquisite African... 

    many designs available


  • Honor (Val & Sal)

    Graduation Stock Imprinted Stoles Being named as Valedictorian or Salutatorian is an... 

    many designs available

    Honor (Val & Sal)

  • Trimmed Stoles

    Trimmed graduation stoles are more than just decorative garments; they are symbolic representations... 

    many options available

    Trimmed Stoles

  • Class Officer

    Class Officer Graduation Stoles: A Symbol of Leadership and Achievement Graduation is... 

    many options available

    Class Officer

  • International & Country Flag

    "Global Threads of Excellence: Celebrating Diversity with Flag Graduation Stoles" Flag graduation... 

    many options available

    International & Country Flag

  • Student Athlete

    Balancing Triumphs: The Student Athlete Graduation Stole and Sash A student athlete... 

  • Kids

    "Shining Stars: Celebrating Young Achievers with Kids' Graduation Stoles" Congratulations to all... 

    many designs available


  • Nursing

    "Emblem of Dedication: The Symbolism and Significance of Nursing Graduation Stoles" Nursing... 

    1 color



    Embracing Pride: LGBTQ+ Graduation Stoles Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity LGBTQ Gay Queer... 

    2 options available


  • Fraternity

    "Symbolic Stoles of Brotherhood: The Meaning Behind Fraternity Graduation Stoles" Fraternity graduation... 

    many designs available


  • Sorority

    "Embracing Sisterhood: The Significance of Sorority Graduation Stoles"Sorority graduation stoles hold a... 

    many designs available


  • Serape

    Cultural Heritage: Serapes and sashes have deep roots in Mexican history and... 

    3 colors


  • Black Grads Matter

    "Empowering Excellence: Black Grads Matter Graduation Stoles" The Black Grads Matter Graduation...